A Clean Sheet for the Paper and Packaging Industry

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A Clean Sheet for the Paper and Packaging Industry

March 2, 2020 Uncategorized 0

One area where our ATEX cleaning systems have proved very popular over the last few years has been in the fields of paper and packaging manufacturing. 

As you can imagine – the kinds of facilities that work with these materials will often have both a lot of potentially combustible dust and a ready supply of fuel in the way of finished product and materials for fuel in the event that a fire or explosion did break out.

A recent client in this area engaged with us to try and help bring their facility into compliance with a new set of food safety standards that had been issued along the supply chain by  their end user client – one of the largest chains of takeaways in the UK.

The changes in the regulations meant that new areas of the building were suddenly in scope and in need of cleaning – however the team onsite had no way of being able to access the rafters of the facility where there were huge amounts of dust and other debris gathered in the beams and ledges.

Utilising our ATEX cleaning systems, our team were able to quickly remove this combustible hazard from throughout the clean room and enable the companies facility to be bought back into compliance within a matter of days. Not only was this crucial in ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness at every step of the food chain, but it also helped to reduce and remove the risk of potential explosions that can occur when these kinds of hazardous dusts can build up over time.

When working with paper and card, the particles of the material in question are often very tiny – sometimes even smaller than the eye can see – and these particles pose the most potential risk – as the smaller the particles the more likely they are to combust.

If you are working within the paper, card or packaging sectors and would like to talk to us about how SpaceVac could help in your premises – contact us today!


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