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A Moment in the Spotlight

March 3, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Despite being some of the more beautiful and architecturally complex spaces we get the privilege of working in; theatres actually represent a really difficult and interesting challenge for cleaners and facilities managers.

To begin with, these buildings are in some cases – especially in the case of the theatres in London we are cleaning regularly – over 100 years old and as such the layout and size of some of the spaces are the most conducive to the needs of a 21st century cleaning crew. Often times, this means that bringing in access equipment such as hydraulic platforms to assist in cleaning is completely out of the question.

In addition – by their very nature, theatres feature huge open spaces with of areas – from lights, to curtains, to balconies and built in fixtures and fittings – all collecting dust throughout the facility and all impossible to reach from the floor or the sides of the theatre without significant risk or some kind of access method.

Here; not only do our SpaceVac systems easily reach these areas from the safety of the ground floor, but in addition, they are also very easy to move around navigate around the narrow walkways and built in seating found inside these theatre buildings.

The range of different brushes and tools that come as standard as part of the SpaceVac system give us a range of different options for cleaning different areas – from the wider brushes for large areas like curtain and walls, to the round brush which is more suitable for detail work and cleaning into all gaps and littleĀ  nooks built into the design of the system.

Most importantly – we’re able to complete the work in a fraction of the time that it would take to bring in scaffolding or abseil services to complete the same work. Indeed we’ve even been known to complete cleaning work in the short gap between the end of a matinee performance and the curtain rising in the evening!

If you are looking for cleaning assistance for any form of theatre, auditorium, cinema or other venue – talk to us today to see how we could help save you time and money!


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