Five Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Contractor

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Five Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Contractor

March 6, 2020 blog 0
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The team here at SSC service a range of clients on a regular basis across a range of different sectors; literally this month, we’ve worked in bakeries, warehouses and theatres alone…

All of our clients come to us for different reasons but there are some fairly common motivating factors that brings clients to us for outsourced cleaning solutions.

Some of the more common reasons include

  1. Time Savings. Oftentimes, the need to bring in our services comes about us a result of the client physically not having the time and resources onsite to be able to complete cleans themselves. Or at least – they aren’t able to clean the additional high-level areas over and above their regular scope of work
  2. Cost Savings. As we’ve noted elsewhere on this site, one great benefit that utilising our cleaning time offers to business is a substantial cost saving on cleaning work as we can complete without requiring the hire or use of additional access equipment like scaffolding or cherry pickers which in turn allows us to complete cleaning work much faster – meaning double savings for our clients
  3. Having the right tool for the job. Some companies look at their building and make a very clear decision that they aren’t going to try and clean high level or specialist areas themselves as the onsite team do not have the correct skills or equipment. This is a very sensible decision as working in some areas – particularly areas featuring build ups of combustible can be extremely hazardous – ensuring the right team and equipment are in place to deal with it is crucial to maintaining safety onsite.
  4. Legislation or Regulation. Sometimes our clients come to us with a specific need to clean areas or buildings in response to new legislation or guidelines governing these areas. Strict adherence to these kinds of rules is extremely important for businesses – not only for ensuring the integrity and lifespan of their produce and goods, but also to avoid punitive fines and criminal proceedings for non adherence.
  5. Simple peace of mind. For some of our clients – just the knowledge that their facility are as clean as they can be and have been handled quickly, safely and professionally by a team of experts is exactly the kind of peace of mind they need. Its this trust that has built up with our clients across a number of years that results in being the regular contracted partner for many of our clients across the UK – a testament to the power of partnership.

Whatever your reason for looking for a specialist cleaning contractor – please be sure to get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help!


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