Getting the Job Done Faster!

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Getting the Job Done Faster!

February 28, 2020 blog 0

One of the primary reasons that as a company we are often able to complete cleaning work so much faster than our competitors – and thus much more cost efficiently than our competitors – comes down to the SpaceVac systems that we use to carry out our cleaning work.

The system itself is a very simple idea but its one that represents a significantly faster way of cleaning due to the removal of any access issues; by interlocking our poles together to reach high up areas, users don’t need to rely on access equipment like scaffolding or cherry pickers to reach these areas.

While of course these methods all require the team to be working at height still in order to actually do the cleaning – they also present further issues for users.

To begin with – just getting these platforms in around site isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. Oftentimes – especially in areas with things like built in machinery to work around – moving and erecting the platforms is a real challenge. In addition to this – even when operators then reach the areas to clean – they are restricted essentially to cleaning within an arms reach of any edge of the scaffolding or platform.

As a result – the team will have to be climbing up and down and moving the platform every few minutes and start the whole process all over again – a highly inefficient one.

You can see from this video clip the difference between cleaning in these traditional ways – compared to a team working with a SpaceVac literally next door in this shopping centre:

As you can see – with unrestricted movement – the SpaceVac operators are able to clean and move around the area much faster which make cleaning projects substantially. A great example of the kind of savings this can help unlock would include this recent example of a project at Northampton Guildhall where a week of cleaning work was reduced to a single day.

To talk to us about the savings we could help to unlock for your business when it comes to Cleaning and FM work – be sure to reach out to us today!


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