Out of Hours is When we Shine!

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Out of Hours is When we Shine!

March 20, 2018 blog 0
Out of Hours is when we shine!

The SpaceVac Specialist Clean team were in action all over the weekend putting our Internal system to work in a large office facility in London

The client was looking to get this work completed out of hours during the weekend to ensure minimal disruption to their team while the cleaning work took place and so a small team was dispatched to get the work completed.
When we are working on a tight timeline, the SpaceVac system really allows us to power through large areas quickly and easily. As you can see from the photos below and above, a lot of the areas that we were required to clean were very difficult to reach.
Where in the past, cleaning these areas would have required us to use ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic platform to clean, SpaceVac allows us to clean from the ground floor which is not only much safer than working up a ladder, but also allows us to work substantially quicker.
With a number of staircases, atriums and other interesting facets of the building, there was a real varied set of challenges for SpaceVac throughout this job – all of which were tackled with aplomb. The safety locking mechanisms on the poles and heads even allow us to clean downwards without any fear of the system coming apart mid-clean. Just about the perfect tool for the job!
You can find out more about SpaceVac over on the website, but in the meantime to talk to us about the range of specialist cleaning services that we provide to businesses or to request a quote – get in touch today!


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