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BRC Food Safety Event

It stands to reason that with the imperative for cleanliness and hygiene in food preparation, that the Food and Drink industry is a big fan of SpaceVac and our Specialist Cleaning team.

In fast paced manufacturing facilities, the issue of cleaning presents a number of challenges – not least how to keep areas clean and hygienic without having to close down production. You see the tricky thing about products like flour or grain is that they often rise into the air and fall on ledges and high-level areas.

To clean these areas previously would have required hydraulic lifts or scaffolding and require downtime for a cleaning team to come in and remove the by-products. Where SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning comes into our own is removing this built up dust and dirt from high level areas from the safety of the ground floor.

The SpaceVac system is designed for exactly these kind of challenges and due to the lightweight, compact nature of the equipment, we can completely minimise downtime and disruption.

Our team are all highly experienced at cleaning at height and our services have been called into action across the Food and Drink sector from Golden Wonder and Weetabix to Coca Cola and Carlsberg.

BRC Food Safety Europe 2018

With that in mind, we were excited to head to The Crystal in London last week, for the annual BRC Food Safety Event. The event brought together a really interesting mix of producers, facilities management companies, innovative products and key decision makers for a really interesting day.

It was fascinating talking to lots of new faces through the day, and we are excited to be entering a new partnership with the BRC which we will be talking more about here on the blog soon.

Check out a video of the event from the SpaceVac team below:


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