Case Study: UCC Coffee

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Case Study: UCC Coffee

March 12, 2020 blog 0

UCC are one of the world’s leading coffee manufacturers and currently occupy a huge facility in Dartford featuring warehouses, roasting areas and large storage silos; all featuring a variety of surfaces and obstacles from machinery to pipework – all gathering the highly combustible generated from the coffee beans at various points in the manufacture process.

Not only were our ATEX cleaning systems exactly the right tool to remove this hazardous by product from the environment but doing so enabled us to work significantly quicker than the previous team working onsite.

The roasting area within the building provides a perfect example of this in action; previously a team of 2 cleaners working with a cherry picker would be required to clean this area and due to the varying nature of the terrain – with various mezzanine levels and other obstacles to contend with – would take at least a week to complete. Not only did this method incur significant cost to the team onsite, but the protracted cleaning time was having a big impact on production every time work was scheduled.

By replacing the previous in house team with a two man cleaning crew each armed with a SpaceVac, our dynamic duo were able to complete the entire clean of the same roasting area in just two days – completely removing downtime from the equation by working across a weekend, and drastically reducing cost by removing the need for the access platform.

In total our team of two operators were able to clean the entire facility in just 12 days as part of a series of scheduled cleaning and maintenance work. The resulting savings and safety benefits to the team at UCC has resulted in a close working relationship delivering this regular program of work as a trusted extension of the team.

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